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Weekly News Flash!

An appreciation to all who attended our ‘Celebration of Family and Kinship’ Party! Professor Zhang Bu Sheng revealed a 100-year plan for our next generation where they become elevated and wise people with virtue and the plan includes establishing a foundation for early childhood education. Click on the button below to find out more!


Welcome to OOSS!

Origin of Self (S) Pte Ltd (OOSS) is a cultural organization founded by Prof Zhang Bu Sheng, who discovered the three-dimensional model for humans to achieve true success and return to the source.

This three dimensional model is termed “Wisdom of Life Evolution System”, a brand new yet simple to apply cultural DNA management . This model is created by integrating ancient Chinese cultural wisdom and modern Western scientific research management. Uniquely one of its kind, the nine strategies of management are “Followship, Balance, Stability, Change, Removal of Obstacles, Transformation, Virtue, Tao, Authenticity.”

Foreword from the founder

In today’s global society, what is deemed as “human culture” is in fact one driven by desires, cravings and consumptions. This leads to a culture of degeneration of the human race and is bringing us in the opposite direction, away from our evolutionary path. From the past 30 years of my research and actualisation, I finally discovered and perfected the “Wisdom of Life Evolution System”, -- it enables people to find their evolutionary path. This system ultimately answers the questions of “Why are we here?” and “How do I live a meaningful life?”. Extensive research of the Eastern and Western cultures was merged with the latest scientific development in particles theory. This system helps boost and elevate you to your true self.

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