Eternal Ancestral Memorial Hall

Respect the Heavens & Ancestors Inherit Ancestral Virtues Honour Your Ancestors

The Ancestral Hall was deeply embedded in Chinese culture during the ancient period and it had a vital role throughout 5000 years of glorious Chinese history. People at that time built memorial halls at their settlement and made offering to their late ancestors as to commemorate their legacy.

The 3 virtues of establishing ancestral memorial hall are:

1. Restore the four surnames of ancestry
2. It is spiritually connected to an authentic lineage
3. With the protection of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, create a massive energetic field

Master Zhang Bu Sheng, an inheritor of genuine Chinese traditional culture has vowed to set up an authentic Ancestral Prayer Hall.

You may set up a tablet for your past generations of ancestors at the Eternal Ancestral Memorial Hall where they listen to the Dharma and have a chance to be liberated to sages’ pure lands. This will eventually lead them towards their ultimate liberation and out from the sea of sufferings. This is truly an act of filial piety from descendants. All the ancestors will then combine their forces to help us and our descendants, to bless us with auspiciousness, prosperity and smooth-sailing.

Ancestry worship means making offering to ‘You Jing’ spirit of prayer’s parent, ‘You Jing’ of parent’s parents as well as the ‘You Jing’ of the entire ancestry. Unlike the usual food offering at home, ancestral prayer hall provides 8 offering items daily such as food, water, flowers, incense and lamp. On top of that, sutras chanting on spirit liberation will also be played for 24 hours each day.


Note: When you set up a tablet at our Ancestral Prayer Hall, we will provide three tablets of the same type. The tablet will be placed at the Ancestral Prayer Hall, another tablet is for you to bring home and the reserved one will be kept in the Ancestral Prayer Hall for use on the Ancestral Prayer Ceremony.
The current Ancestral Prayer Hall has limited space hence the placement of tablets is restricted. First come first serve.
We welcome everyone to set up the ancestral tablet for your ancestors to repay their kindness.

Promotion is valid till 30th June 2020

The minimum installation fee is S$4,899 (U.P S$5,999) for a single tablet. Prices may vary according to the tablet location.

The layout plan of OOSS Ancestral Prayer Hall
The statues of Buddha and Bodhisattvas
The statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
The statue of Maitreya Bodhisattva

Differences between OOSS Eternal Ancestral Prayer Hall and other prayer halls

1. Performing prayers with food, incense and 8 offering items daily.
2. The hall is a force field which enables the deceased souls to cultivate and enhance their energy level, which is beneficial to them, even if they have reincarnated.
3. The management of the memorial hall with daily prayers is assured of continuity with the ongoing discipleship training structure in place.

4. If the subscriber is a cultivator, he/she could resonate with his/her ancestors, cleansing tiny dark spots on ancestral DNA will eliminate descendants’ huge karmic debt. Similarly, a minor virtue of ancestors will become great blessing to the descendants too. The benefits of ancestral prayers are enormous!



When Ms Saw sent the ancestral tablets for me to check today, one of the tablets belongs to my elder sister who passed away for more than 50 years ago. Although I haven’t met her, when I saw her name, I shed tears uncontrollably. As I felt that no one has ever done prayer for her. My older sister passed away 40 days after birth. At that time, my parents thought that it would be easier for her to get reborn earlier without setting up a tombstone. We also forgot where she was buried, I am really apologetic over this!
Many years ago, a Taoist Master told me that a family member who had passed away for a long time had been wandering in my house, and I had to burn joss paper and necessities for a year.  In fact, the family members of our past lives are all around us, but we just cannot see them. Now I could set up a tablet for my sister in the Eternal Ancestral Prayer Hall. I was relieved that she finally has a place to return, and I had this opportunity to do something for my sister.

We are incredibly grateful to Master for establishing the Eternal Ancestral Prayer Hall. We have the opportunity to make offerings to our deceased relatives. More importantly, we have an enlightened Master who guides us on this. We are very grateful indeed!
-Lim Yoke Wee, Singapore

The following is the two dreams of my friend who dreamt of his unmarried deceased brother and sister in the OOSS Ancestral Prayer Hall:
On October 22, 2018, a friend told me that she dreamt of the late brother rubbing three internal organs on the table into a ball and swallowing the ball into his stomach. A friend said in his dream: “This is the return of his organs.” Her brother had some organs removed before the surgery. I’ve asked Master Zhang about it and he replied: ”This is a very good dream, because the energetic field must be attached to the physical organs to take its effect. Once the organs are removed, these energetic fields have no attachments hence it is easy to disperse the energy, resulting in incomplete information which will affect health of the reincarnation in the next life.

Therefore I have always emphasized that OOSS’s ancestral hall is an extraordinary ancestral hall. This is the ashram where the deceased practices too. This case proves to everyone that it is true! “

Yesterday, January 25, 2019, my friend told me that she dreamt of her deceased sister. She asked her if she was well. The sister did not respond. She just walked towards a gate like a phone booth. The gate opened and there was white light in it. The elder sister went in. I ‘ve asked Master Zhang on behalf of my friend, he told me that the phone booth was an “holographic information space-time tunnel.”

These two dreams of a friend verified that the OOSS Ancestral Hall is indeed an ashram for the cultivation of the deceased, and it is also a tunnel of time and space that carries the holographic information of the deceased! Thank you Master Zhang for setting up an ancestral hall for the people of Singapore.
—Sister Neo, Singapore

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