What is OOSS?

Ultimate Wisdom Education
Traditional Cultural Education System
Unified lineage cultural through proof of modem technology
Life Understanding and Universal Truth,
Liberated from death, Success in this lifetime!

Through complete heritage, understanding,practical and systematic educational system – Spread the wisdom system of the five ancient sages to promote “Body、Heart、Soul” unified well-being among modern people is『Origin Of Singapore (S) Pte Ltd』(in short OOSS)forever unchanged mission 。

Organization Introduction:

  • OOSS is a cultural institution that integrates cultural education, research, promotion and innovation. The industry belongs to the cultural industry.
    OOSS combines the wisdom of ancient saints with modern Life Science, impart a complete systematic education system on theory and practical methodology on cultivation of “Body, Mind, and Soul”. To provide Confucious, Buddhisim and Toaism cultural education, related books and DVD practice enhancement products, DVD Video teaching materials、Toaism 5 technique services, etc. Currently, OOSS has established center in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada to service the local public, and will continue to establish and expand our mission.

Our Goal

  • We are determined to connect the teaching of the ancient sages with our modern languages, complete and systematize the heritage of the ultimate teaching of the 5 major sages – Cognition the Truth of Life. Help more people to achieve the key of “Body, Mind and Soul”, to open up their code of Life, Guide them to use their life to achieve it’s original height! This is OOSS unchanging goal.

Our Services

  • Cultural exchange:Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism Culture Education Course, Organize various cultural exchange events (Civilisations Accomplishment Expedition, High-end International Cultural Symposium, Chinese Core Cultural – Confucius, Buddhism, Taoism, 3 core Cultural International Symposium, Chinese Metaphysics Symposium, Dzogchen International Symposium and Health & Wellness Cultivation Trip).
  • Publication Products: Publish and Publicized “Body, Heart and Soul” related Books and audio-visual products such as health care, spiritual sublimation, moral self-cultivation, cultural education, and traditional classics.
  • Consultation Servce: We provide consultation for physical, mental and spiritual environment governance services, that is, “Medicinal, Divination, Astrology, Physiognomy, Self-Perfection”, including physical and Energy Therapy, internal power conditioning, horoscope numerology, questioning, soul-loss treatment, Yin and Yang psychics, transformation of destiny, congenital geomantic reorganization and health consultation and other projects.Health Rejuvenation: Our Tai He Holistic Health Centre offers various traditional chinese medicinal services, it’s your only choice for healthy well-being.

Founder--Zhang BuSheng

Online Course Platform:  Please visit our vast array of online courses.


Affiliated Facilities

Offer wide variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine, theraphy, disease prevention, health services under one comprehensive TCM Holisic Centre, Adhering to the combination of “preaching with medicine and practicing medicine with virtue” has developed since our beginning, with countless experiences, and the use of combined Chinese Medicine and Meridian Massages on internal conditioning, healing from the very core.

  • Enlightenment Buddhist Shrine

  • Ancestral Memorial Hall


Recent Activities

Singapore & Other Countries
Tel: +65 6848 2474 | +65 9388 1439
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Penang 槟城
Tel: :+6019-543 1393
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Tel: +886 972 466 998
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Hong Kong
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